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Public Speaking & Policy Work


'Food Security, Smallholder Agriculture and Deagrarianization’.

 Keynote for 3rd International Conference on Food & Agricultural Economics, Alanya Alaaddin Keykubat University, Turkey,  25 April, 2019.

 ‘Hidden from African History: Domestic Labour – Drudgery, Duty and Distrust, 1900-2015'.

 Keynote for 13th Annual Meeting of the African Economic History Network on ‘Transitions in African Economic History’, University of Bologna, Italy, 12 October, 2018.


‘Artisanal Gold Rush Mining and Frontier Democracy: Comparing 19th and 21st Century Experiences in America, Australia, Africa and Asia’. Keynote Presentation at the Conference on ‘Between the Plough and the Pick: Informal Mining in the Contemporary World’. Australian National University, Canberra, 6 November, 2015.


 ‘21st Century Mineralizing Africa: African Studies’ Multi-disciplinary Lens on the Continental Shift’,

 Keynote at the African Mining Conference, Centre of African Studies, University of Edinburgh, 24 April, 2014.


‘Food Crisis & Women Hoe Farmers in Sub-Saharan Africa’, 

All-Party-Parliamentary Group on Agriculture and Food, Whitehall, London, 6 March, 2013.


‘Beyond Livelihoods: Occupationality & Career Formation in Tanzanian Artisanal Gold Mining’,

Keynote Presentation in the Challenging Concepts Public Seminar Series, Nordic Africa Institute, Uppsala University, 21 September, 2011.


‘The Future of World Agriculture and Peasantry: A Perspective from Below’, 

Keynote Invitation Address on: 4th United Nations Least Developed Countries Conference, Istanbul, Turkey, 9 May, 2011.


‘Modernizing Rural Livelihoods and Transport in Africa: Directions and Dilemmas’,

Keynote Address, 6th International Colloquium on Working Equids, The Brooke Animal Hospital, New Delhi, India, 29th November, 2010.

‘Beyond Market Fundamentalism in Africa: Seeking an Exit from Neoliberal Crisis’,

Keynote Address, Conference on A Brief Environmental History of Neoliberalism, Lund University, 7 May, 2010.

‘Development Studies: Seeking an Exit from Global Crisis’,

Keynote Address at the Symposium on ‘The Impact of the Economic Crisis on the Global South’, International Development Studies Centre, Utrecht University, 6 November, 2009.


‘Averting Hunger: Facts and Fallacies about Food Supplies in Sub-Saharan Africa’,

Keynote Address at the Oxford Round Table, Oxford Union, 24 March, 2009.


‘From Moral Economy to Civil Society in Asia and Africa’,

Keynote Address presented at the International Conference on Moral Economy sponsored by the Inter-University Network of Japanese Africanists, Fukui, Japan, October 2006.


Agrarian Labour and Resources in Sub-Saharan Africa: Gender and Generational Change within Family Farms, 1980-2015. UN Women Discussion Paper no. 22, March 2018, 46pp.


Youth in Urbanizing Mining Settlements: Prospecting Tanzania’s Mineralized Future, World Institute for Development Economics Research (WIDER) Working paper, Helsinki, United Nations University, January 2014.


Modernizing Rural Livelihoods and Transport in Africa: Directions and Dilemmas, Learning from Others, 6thInternational Colloquium on Working Equids, The Brooke Animal Hospital, New Delhi, November 2010, 76-79.


Globalization, Structural Adjustment and African Agriculture: Analysis and Evidence, Centre for Business Research, University of Cambridge Working Paper no. 414, 37 pp.(with Shailaja Fennell, Prabirji Sarkar, & Ajit Singh), September 2010.

and European Report on Development background paper, European Union/European University Institute, 2009. 23 pp.(with Shailaja Fennell, Prabirji Sarkar & Ajit Singh)


Creole and Tribal Urban Designs: Dar es Salaam and Kampala as Ethnic Cities in Coalescing Nation States, 2008. Crises States Research Centre Working Paper 35, London School of Economics,


Rural Development Priorities in the 21stCentury: Towards a Strategy for FAO, FAO, Rome, 2008.


African Agriculture and the World Bank: Development or Impoverishment? Policy Dialogue no. 1 Uppsala, Nordic Africa Institute. October 2007. (with Kjell Havnevik, Lars-Erik Birgegård, Prosper Matondi & Atakilte Beyene), FULLTEXT01


Growing out of Spatial Poverty? Growth, Sub-National Equity and Poverty Reduction Policies – A Five-Country Comparison. DFID/The Policy Practice, 45 pp. + appendices. March 2006.


Social Pathways from the HIV/AIDS Deadlock of Disease, Denial and Desperation in Rural Malawi. CARE International, 100 pp. + appendices. May 2004. (with J. Fonseca, & J. Kadzandira)


Framework for the Inclusion of Social Benefits in Transport Planning: Final Report. 2004. DFID/TRL Report PR/INT/276/04, Crowthorne, United Kingdom.  May 2004. (with A.S.C. Davis, F. Ahmed & T. Bradbury).


Sustainable Livelihoods, Mobility and Access Needs. 2003. TRL Report 544, United Kingdom, DFID/Transport Road Laboratory (with D.A.C. Maunder, T.C. Mbara, R. Kibombo, A.S.C. Davis & J.D. Howe).


Poverty and Urban Transport in East Africa: Review of Research and Dutch Donor Experience. 2000.Institute of Infrastructural, Hydraulics and Environmental Engineering, Delft, Report submitted to the World Bank (with John Howe)


Sub-Saharan Africa Betwixt and Between: Rural Livelihood Practices and Policies. 1999. Leiden: Africa Studiecentrum, De-agrarianization and Rural Employment Programme (DARE), Working Paper vol 43, 73 pp


View from the Bottom of the Heap: Comment on the 1995 World Development Report's Perspective on African Farmers' Options. 1996. Delft: International Institute for Infrastructure, Hydraulics and Environomental Engineering Working Paper (with J. Howe)


Lightening the Load: Women's Labour and Appropriate Rural Technology in Sub-Saharan Africa. 1995. Afrika Studiecentrum Working Paper (with M. McCall)


De-Agrarianization and Rural Employment Programme Proposal. 1994. Leiden: Afrika-Studiecentrum, November 1994 submitted to DGIIS, Den Haag.

De-agrarianization in Africa: Proceedings of the 'De-Agrarianization and Rural Employment. 1994.  Workshop held at the Afrika Studiecentrum, Leiden, May 1994', Leiden: Afrika Studiecentrum Working Paper No. 20 (edited with C. van der Laan)


Easing Women's Working Day in Sub-Saharan Africa. 1993. Afrika Studiecentrum Working Paper No. 17, Leiden, 28 pp.


Beyond the Shamba: Labour and Land Allocation between Generations in Rural Tanzania. 1993. Leiden: Afrika Studiecentrum Research Proposal, December 1993

De-Agrarianization and Rural Employment Generation in Sub-Saharan Africa: Process and Prospects. 1993. Leiden: Afrika Studiecentrum Working Paper Vol, 19, 53 pp. 

Women and Labour-based Road Works in Sub-Saharan Africa. 1993. Institute for Infrastructure, Hydraulics and Environmental Engineering Working Paper IP-4, 16 pp. (with J. Howe)

Rural Household Transport in Africa: Reducing the Burden on Women? 1993. Afrika Studiecentrum Working Paper No. 16, Leiden, 38 pp.


Wage Earners and Food Foraging in Tanzania: Past and Present Dilemmas. 1986. Centre for Development Research Seminar Paper B.86.2, Copenhagen, 38 pp.


Women and Technology in Developing Countries: Technological Changes and Women's Capabilities and Bargaining Positions. 1985. United Nations International Research and Training Institute for the Advancement of Women (INSTRAW), Santo Domingo, May 1985, 44 pp.


Urbanisation and Agrarian Development in Tanzania with Special Reference to Secondary Cities. 1984. International Institute for Environment and Development, London, February 1984, 144 pp.


Second Thoughts on Marketing Co-operatives in Tanzania: Background to their Re-instatement. 1983. Plunkett Development Series 5, Plunkett Foundation for Cooperative Studies, Oxford, 45 pp.


Subsistence or Beyond? Money Earning Activities of Women in Rural Tanzania.  (ed.) 1980. BRALUP Research Report No. 45/UWT (Tanzania national women's organization), 163 pp. (with Mary Kirimbai)


‘Social, Political and Economic Factors affecting Women's Material Conditions in Tanzania', 155-167, 

‘A Review of Maternity Protection Legislation in Tanzania’, 168-181

‘A Review of Statistical Information on Women in the Work Force and Seeking Employment in Dar es Salaam and their Families' Economic Welfare’, 182-212, 

in Mgaza, O. & H. Bantje (eds.). 1980. Infant Feeding in Dar es Salaam, BRALUP/Tanzania Food and Nutrition Centre Joint Publication


Proceedings of the Workshop on Women's Studies and Development. 1979. BRALUP Research Paper No. 60, University of Dar es Salaam, 81 pp. (with N. Sachak)

Women Workers in Dar es Salaam: 1973/74 Survey of Female Minimum Wage Earners and Self-Employed, 1976. BRALUP Research Paper No. 43, University of Dar es Salaam, 35 pp. (with Marja-Liisa Swantz)


The Potential for the Production of Alginic Acid from Fucales Seaweeds for Use in Tanzanian Industry. 1975. BRALUP Service Paper, University of Dar es Salaam, 48 pp

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